About Us

The Tudorville & District Community Centre is run by the Management Committee who are all unpaid volunteers. The current membership of the committee is shown below.

TDCC are very grateful to past committee members who have played a big part in saving the building from closure, raising funds to improve the building or being part of the buildings committee; to include Toni Hall, Tina Knapman, Horace Downing, Pauline Forsyth, Alan Napthine, Theresa Napthine, Ian Gray, Brian Higgins, Neil Brooke and Richard Parry.

Shari Vandervelde was TDCC Activities Co-ordinator from September 2013 to October 2016 (a 3 year project funded by the Big Lottery).

In September 2016 the committee appointed Gosia Knights at TDCC Youth Club Co-ordinator.

Downloadable Documents

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy & Procedure
(Updated: October 2016)

Health & Safety Policy
(Updated: June 2015)

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